Awards - Distinguished Association(s) of the Year Award

This award recognizes the contributions of an association to the success of DFWAE. These contributions, include but are not limited to encouraging, promoting, and sponsoring the most employee members, supporting employees to contribute to and support the efforts of DFWAE, offer meeting space, or other contributions that successfully put forward the work of association executives and DFWAE.

The American College of Emergency Physicians accepts the 2018 Distinguished Association of the Year Award presented by 2018-2019 DFWAE President Kris Williams, CAE (left). 

Nomination Process

Nominations will be solicited from the DFWAE membership and submitted to the Awards Committee. The Awards Committee Chair is appointed by the President.


To be eligible, the association must have made valuable contributions to DFWAE that ensures the continuation of programming, support of the mission of DFWAE, and contributes to the ongoing education of associations and their staff in North Texas.

Past Honorees

2018 American College of Emergency Physicians