Congratulations to our Associations and Industry Partners for being a part of the DFWAE CAE 100 Percent Club.

These associations are dedicated to ensuring that their CAEs are connected locally to peers and continuing education.

To be a member of the 100 Percent Club, every employee with the CAE credential must be an active DFWAE Member.

Each new CAE who earns the credential in any given year will be given a $25 discount on DFWAE membership.

Thank you for supporting DFWAE CAE 100 Percent Club:

  1. American Association of Respiratory Care
  2. American Mensa
  3. American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  4. American Lighting Association
  5. American Orthodontic Society
  6. Building Owners and Managers Association - Dallas
  7. Choristers Guild
  8. Emergency Medicine Residents Association
  9. State Legislative Consulting
  10. International News Media Association
  11. Institute of Real Estate Management
  12. National Association of Dental Plans
  13. National Athletic Trainers Association
  14. Pipeline Resource Counsel International
  15. Plano Chamber of Commerce
  16. Restaurant Facility Management Association
  17. Texas K-12 CTO Council
  18. TriNet
  19. Dallas VA Research Corporation