Awards - DFWAE President's Award

This award is presented annually by the immediate past president to the individual he or she believes contributed the most to the association during his or her presidency in the previous year.

Candice Benjamin Muldrow
Congratulations to Candice Muldrow, the 2017 DFWAE President's Award recipient. The prestigious award was presented at DFWAE's Lunch & Learn on July 19, at the Westin Dallas Park Central. Candice has served as the Marketing Committee Chair from in 2016-2017 and is also serving another term as chair. Thank you Candice for your enthusiam and dedication you bring to DFWAE.

Previous Award Winners

2017 Candice Muldrow 
2016 Craig Nauta, CAE
2015 Kris Williams, CAE
2014 Paige Faulkner
2013 Judy Pulice, CAE
2012 Cindy Peebles, CAE
2012 Lisa Harrington, CAE
2011 Audrey Baker
2010 Alyson Riccardi
2009 Ronald Cunningham
2007 Marilyn Ellis
2006 Charles W. "Bill" Gibson, CAE
2003 Cheryl Calhoun
2002 Tim McMullen, CAE
2001 Michele Byers, CAE
2000 Bob Benedict, CAE
1996 Neva Lindell
1995 Carole Sjolander, CAE
1992 Nancy Monson, CAE