Leadership - Committees 2018-2019

Standing Committees

Association Day Committee

Determines DFWAE professional development, topics and speakers and location.

Co-Chair: Trevor Mitchell, CAE
Co-Chair: Amanda Feil, CAE

Sponsorship Committee

Solicits and secures sponsorships to offset association costs for events/luncheons and activities such as Educational Offerings, Association Day, Dine Around and Networking events.

Co-Chair:  Open
Co-Chair:  Open

Membership Committee

Recruitment and retention of members. Increase the number of new members by active participation in membership campaigns, calls and in-person visits; enhance the retention of existing members through contact at events - serving as ambassadors and making thank you calls; outreach to lapsed members via calls and in-person visits.

Co-Chair: Darrin Scheid, CAE
Co-Chair: Kristie Estrada

Marketing Committee

Primary focus will be on Community branding of DFWAE and marketing its products and services to Associations. The committee assists in the development of timely marketing pieces for the Association, for events, and assigns timeframes of marketing schedules such as blast emails, etc. Markets and meets with Association decision makers to assist in membership growth. Develops and maintains content for Web site, as well as communications with members through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. This committee will submit editorial content for the Web site and DFWAE Leadership Briefs.

Chair: Keith Gentry
Board Liaison: Shasta Foy, CAE

Programs/Education Committee

Develop DFWAE's educational offerings including webinars and seminars. Committee members are expected to offer recommendations on educational topics and obtain proven speakers.

Co-Chair: Alyssa Trongaard
Co-Chair: Mollie Pillman

CAE Committee

 Advocates association professionalism as champions for the Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential. Cultivates a community of CAEs in North Texas and promotes and/or facilitates study groups in preparation for the May and December CAE exam.

Chair: Michele Byers, CAE, CMP

Awards Committee

Review nominations and select recipients for all DFWAE annual awards.

Chair: Lisa Harrington, CAE  

Bylaws Committee

Annually review the Bylaws, consider proposed changes and make recommendations regarding such changes to the Board of Directors.

Chair: TBD

Finance Committee

Composed of the members of the Executive Committee and two (2) Regular members. Makes recommendations on the annual budget of DFWAE; analyze, study, and recommend the investment of surplus funds and advise on condition of the current investments; reviews the financials. The Treasurer serves as chairman of the Committee.

Chair: Treasurer, Mollie Pillman, CAE

Nominating Committee

Chaired by the Immediate Past President and consist of three (3) Regular members, one (1) CVB member and one (1) Associate member, to be appointed by the President. The Nominating Committee shall nominate one candidate for annual election for each position vacant and those expiring terms, and notify the membership of its choices not less than 60 days prior to the end of the fiscal year. No member of the Nominating Committee can be nominated for election as an officer or Director.

Chair: Marilyn Ellis

Strategic Plan Champions

Chair - Marilyn Ellis

Administrative/Operations - Phill Martin, CAE

Board Governance  Judy Pulice, CAE

Finance - Jonathan Kraatz

Marketing & Communications - Bradley Elliott

Membership - Rhonda Ledbetter

Programs - Mollie Pillman, CAE