CAE Continuing Education Hours



11/19/2019  1  9

Personalizing Your Marketing Promotions
Nancy Calaway, American College of Emergency Physicians

10/15/2019 3  7

Micro-Credentialing, Micro-Learning, Digital Badging
Adrienne Segundo, Limitless Association Solution Resource

8/21/2019 1 1

Streamline & Optimize Your Accounting Function
Emily Cook & Stuart Blumenthal, Salmons Sims Thomas

6/19/2019 1 1

Finance Webinar
Julie Hart, CFO by Design

5/15/2019 3 5

Association Women in Leadership
Valerie Bakies-Lile, American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians & Gynecologists
Lori Tinkler, National Board for Respiratory Care
Mary German, Arlington CVB

4/29/2019 5  

Association Day 2019

3/20/2019 1 9

Social Media Engagement
Kari Owen, Texas Society of CPAs

2/20/2019 1 4

Virtual Meetings
Shawna Strickland, American Association for Respiratory Care

1/16/2019 3 7

Data Analytics 
John Cox, The ROME Group, Inc. 

12/12/2018 1 4

CVB Presentations (Holiday Palooza)
Arlington CVB, Visit Plano, Visit Hot Springs

11/14/2018 1 6

Cyber Security
Justin Miller, U.S. Secret Service

10/17/2018 4 1

Strategic Management
Robert Nelson, Nelson Strategic Consulting

9/12/2018 1 8

Hiring/Managing a Lobbyist & Planning for the Next Session
Judy Pulice, State Legislative Consulting

6/6/2018 1 2

Governance and Structure
Lisa Harrington

5/16/2018 4 5

Women in Leadership: Challenges in Association Leadership
Pam Donahoo (USFN), Sherry Milligan (enSYNC), Jodi Ann Ray (TSCPA)

4/18/2018 1 9

Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report
Richard Whelan, Marketing General Incorporated

3/19/2018 6  

Association Day 2018

2/21/2018 1 6

Non-Dues Revenue
Candice Muldrow, MultiView & Doug Laher, AARC

1/17/2018 4 1

Strategic Management
Michele Packard-Milam, Packard Strategies 


11/15/2017 1 6 Association Finance - Executive / Board Reporting
Julie Hart, CFO by design
10/18/2017 4 3 Membership Development
Scott Whitaker
9/20/2017 1 6 1-15-20-50: Why These Numbers Should Matter to Your Organization
Dustin Paschal, Simon | Paschal PLLC
8/16/2017 1 6 How to Tell Your UNIQUE Story on Social Media
6/21/2017 1 5 Leadership Panel on Succession Planning
Panel Discussion Moderator, with association leader Panelists
5/10/2017 1 9 Marketing Without Money
Jeff Crilley
3/20/2017 6   Association Day 2017
2/22/2017 4 1, 2, 5 Organizational Excellence - Boards, Strategic Plans, KPIs and Dashboards
10/26/2016 4 2, 4 Networking Evolution & Volunteer Excellence
10/11/2016 1 9 Celebrating Associations and Agriculture, with Jason Fearneyhough; Judith A. Canales, and Charles Carrington
9/21/2016 1 5 CAE Discussion Groups
Michele Packard-Milam, CAE, Executive Director, The Mended Hearts, Inc.
7/20/2016 1 9 "Effective Communication Skills," led by Steve Klein, plus Annual DFWAE Awards Luncheon, in Partnership with TSAE and Sponsored by Connect Texas
DFWAE Leadership
6/22/2016 3 3 Recruiting, Engaging & Retaining Members
5/18/2016 1 9 Digital Media Roundtables, led by MultiView
Thought Leaders from MultiView
3/21/2016 6   Association Day 2016
2/17/2016 4 TBA "Staying Power - Building Strong Relationships with Boards", led by Beth Brooks, CAE, President and CEO, TSAE; and Mark Jones, CAE, President and Co-Founder, enSYNC Corporation
1/20/2016 1 Administration Best Practices and Tools to Combat Cybercrime
Justin Miller, Special Agent, United States Secret Service
10/21/2015 4 TBD Thinking About the Future? Want to Position Your Association for Continued Relevance?
Mary Byers, CAE
9/16/2015 1 5 Leadership Learning from Our Leaders: A Panel Discussion with Three of the Metroplex's Top Association Directors
Panel Discussion and Q&A, Moderated by Tom Chapman, CAE, Executive Director, American Orthodontic Society
7/15/2015 1 1 Organizational Management and 3 Administration Reading in the Modern Age — Techno Library
Kris Williams, CAE, International News Media Association
6/17/2015 1 2 Leadership Networking with your new DFWAE Board of Directors and Committee Chairs
DFWAE Leadership
5/20/2015 1 All domains as this will cover the test questions, updates from CAEs, and more CAE Discussion Groups
Michelle Packard-Milam, CAE
4/13/2015 6   Association Day 2015
3/18/2015 1 3 Administration Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Operational Capabilities
Mark Jones, President, enSYNC; Cindy Peebles, CAE, Vice President for Business Development, enSYNC
2/18/2015 1 8 Programs, Products, and Services Building Effective Association Sponsorships
Panel Discussion and Q&A, Moderated by Sherry Milligan, CAE, Associate Executive Director, AARC
1/21/2015 1 9 Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications Everybody Loves Video. But how hard is it? And how much does it cost?
Renee Fernandes, Videographer, Renee Media; Darrin Scheid, Communications Manager, American College of Emergency Physicians
11/19/2014 1 1 Organizational Management Budgets Can Be Your Best Friend
Christi H. Stinson, C H Stinson CPA
10/15/2014 1 7 Membership Development Growing Membership - Tips and Techniques from the 2014 Membership Benchmark Report
Rick Whelan, CDM, President, and Scott Seril, CDM, Senior Account Director, Marketing General Incorporated
9/17/2014 1 9 Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications Experiential Marketing: The Tech Fueled Future!
Steve Deitz, President/Creative Director, 900lbs of Creative
7/16/2014 1   Summer Reading Group
Facilitated by Dale Griffiths, American Assoc of Respiratory Therapy
6/18/2014 1   The Art of Networking: Tips for Getting to Know Your New DFWAE Board
The BOSS Group
5/21/2014 1   Are You Making Enemies of Your Employees and Members? - Turning Radicals into Allies
Anita James, CMP, Director, Knowledge Initiatives, NATA; and Judy Pulice, CAE, Senior Manager, State Legislative Affairs, NATA
4/7/2014 6   Association Day 2014
3/19/2014 1   A Special Prepared Cuisine with a Chef's Panel Program
Panel Discussion and Q&A, Moderated by Terri Hammond, Senior Account Executive, HPN Global
2/19/2014 1   Ignite Membership — Membership Drives That Work
Moderator: Sherry Millegan, CAE, American Association of Respiratory Care; Panelists: Melinda Bentley (Texas Society of CPAs) and Pam Donahoo, CAE (American Mensa Ltd.)
1/15/2014 1   Don't Start Without Us! (And Myths About CVBs)
Moderator: Melanie Hoover, CMP (Fort Worth CVB); Panelists: Lucia Arrant (Garland CVB); Loretta Howard (Irving CVB); and Christina Miller (Dallas CVB)
11/20/2013 1   Productivity Apps: No, Seriously. Which Apps Do You Really Use?!
Panel Presentation, Moderated by Dana Glazier, MLS, CAE, Director of Grant Management, United Way of Tarrant County. Co-Presenters include Bradley Elliott, Director of Communications for the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas; and James Rosales, PMP, Program Manager of Business Technology at the American Heart Association
10/16/2013 1   Understanding the Common Needs and Wants of Attendees and Exhibitors
Cathy Breden, CAE, CMP (Chief Operating Officer, International Association of Exhibitions and Events)
9/18/2013 1   If I Knew Then What I Know Now
Moderator: Tom Chapman, CAE; Panelists: Sherry Milligan, CAE, Michele Packard-Milam, CAE, and Gary Tolbert, CEM
7/17/2013 1   DFWAE Readers Group
Kris Williams, CAE
6/19/2013 1   Organic Growth
Linda Razzano, CMCA
5/15/2013 1   So You Think You're Covered?
McGowan, Donnelly & Oberheu, LLC
4/17/2013 1   But That's What You Told Me To Do: How to get Boards and Bosses to Evaluate Us Fairly
Barry Diamond (Sandbar Group)
3/25/2013 6   Association Day 2013
2/20/2013 1   Harnessing the Power: Voice of Member and Big Data
Buck Beighley, Senior Marketing Manager, American College of Emergency Physicians
1/16/2013 1   Learn How to Speak Like a Leader
Mickel Graham, PCAM, VP and National Relationship Manager, Union Bank
11/14/2012 1   Hiring and Firing Do's and Don'ts + Pitfalls of Employee Handbooks
Laura Alaniz, Roberts Markel Weinberg P.C., Head of Employment Section
10/17/2012 1   The Decision to Un-Join
Rick Whelan, CDM, and Scott Seril, CDM
9/19/2012 1   Cyber Theft and Fraud: Are You Prepared?
Ruth McLaughlin (Mutual of Omaha Bank)
8/11/2012 15   Annual Symposium, Dallas, TX General Sessions and Learning Labs
7/18/2012 1   Making Communication More Fund
Rush Olson
6/20/2012 1   Developing Your 20 Second Elevator Conversation
Jonathan Schick
5/16/2012 1   How Associations Can Grow Events While Still Delighting Your Base
Shae Kane and Loretta Hudelot, Freeman EventMark
4/2/2012 6   Association Day 2012
2/15/2012 1   How to Map Change to Achieve Career and Business Goals
Arlene Johnson
1/18/2012 1   Putting the "I" Back Into "Individual"
Dana Glazier, CAE and Georgia Patrick
10/19/2011 1   Five Pillars of Successful Boards
Barry Diamond
9/21/2011 1   The Business Case for Civility
The Business Case for Civility Ann Ranson, CAE
8/17/2011 1   Case Study: How AARC Build its Social Media Presence and Wowed its Members
Sherry Milligan, CAE
7/20/2011 1   A Strength Culture
Phill Martin, CAE
6/15/2011 1   Keeping the Passion/Focusing the Mission
Jonathan Schick
5/18/2011 1   Membership in the Social Media Age
J. R. Atkins
4/21/2011 6   Association Day 2011
3/16/2011 1   Mentoring and Coaching
Valerie Pelan
1/19/2011 1   The Progress Challenge: Creating Authentic Business Growth
Dean Lindsay