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Wednesday, July 24, 2019 02:28 PM

The Annual DFWAE Awards luncheon was held on July 17th at the beautiful Marriott at Legacy Town Center in Plano, Texas. More than 65 DFWAE members and guests in attendance enjoyed lunch while celebrating all of the recipients of this year’s awards.

In one of her final duties as President, Kris Williams shared a sincere, thoughtful message of gratitude prior to the awards being presented: “First, let me say how very grateful I am to have been your president. It was not possible without you. You’re the linchpins that keep us going. Your volunteerism, your unselfishness to share with the profession that puts food on your table is overwhelming and humbling. As I’ve thought back over the year, I’m awestruck by each person who contributes to this organization. If I don’t say it enough: THANK YOU… for showing up to our meetings, volunteering your time, connecting with me and other DFWAE-ers.”

She also took the time to recognize that DFWAE, as an organization on the whole, accomplished a number of goals that it set out to reach just one year ago. Included in this list of accomplishments was that DFWAE membership is now above 200 members sitting at 207.

Also mentioned was DFWAE’s strengthened ties with TSAE and ASAE, giving special acknowledgement to Tracy Tomson, CAE, who is the incoming chair of the Texas Society of Association Executives.

As well, Williams talked about the success of this year’s A-Day and how it not only strengthened the core of DFWAE, but also brought in valuable proceeds from the silent auction and from amazing vendor support.

In addition to that, she honored roughly 20 associations within the Dallas/Fort Worth area that have 100% of all Certified Association Executives (CAEs) on staff within their organization as members of DFWAE. Williams noted the incredibly positive impact a CAE can have on an association because of the things CAE’s learn during and after the credentialing process. 

Williams also recognized Lisa Harrington and Debi Kensell for their outstanding work on the Awards Committee – including coordinating nominations and judging for awards.

Upon completion of her acknowledgments, Williams kicked off the awards presentation with a hearty: “Now let’s get this awards show on the road!”

Here are this year’s award recipients, the awards they received and what the award means to the members of DFWAE:

Award of Excellence — The DFWAE Award of Excellence is presented annually to an eligible DFWAE member for outstanding contributions made to DFWAE.

This year’s recipient is Trevor Mitchell, CAE, American Mensa. Trevor was recognized for his three years as the A-Day committee chair as well as his presentation at A-Day where he: spoke with courage and from his heart and experience about diversity and inclusion. His presentation was moving. Tears were shed.”

DFWAE Presidents Award — This award is presented annually by the immediate past president to the individual he or she believes contributed the most to the society during his or her presidency in the previous year.

This year’s recipient is Phill Martin, CAE, The Church Network. In her introduction for the award, Williams said: “…Phill is – the kind you can count on to invest in your organization early and often. The kind of member that’s there for the organization when they need him. The kind of connection and heart that embodies a good member.”

Wayne James Award — This award is presented annually to the DFWAE member who recruits the most new members to the society. It is named for past president Wayne James who consistently held this title.

This year’s recipient is Darrin Scheid, CAE, American College of Emergency Physicians. Williams noted that: “This year this award goes to the person who can get a logo created for the DFWCAE100 and make a plan for going after those companies with CAEs who are not members. It’s also given this year to someone who can look over a committee and recruit people who can ensure that we target the members we’re missing.”

The Star Award — This award is presented annually by Committee Chairs for the most outstanding committee member. Each committee chair may choose the most outstanding volunteer in your group.

This year’s recipients were

  • Board of Directors Star Award: Shasta Foy, CAE, Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • Board of Directors Star Award: Keith Gentry, CAE, Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Program Committee Star Award: Lauren Wright, Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Programs & Education Committee Star Award: Alyssa Meek, CMP, Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography.
  • Membership Committee Star Award: Amanda Wells, Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Association Day Committee Star Award: Sonja Phillips, Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel    

Alyssa was thanked for her hard work and innovation in planning DFWAE programs and education.

Shasta and Keith were recognized by Williams because they “have done a great deal to establish the DFWAE-way. As co-chairs of the Marketing and Communications Committee, they’ve wrangled me (likely their toughest job), the A-Day Committee, the Program & Education Committee, and committee members to do things like re-gain control of the DFWAE Facebook page, establish a calendar of events for us to follow and improved the consistency of our communications.”

Upon completion of the awards presentations, Williams thanked outgoing members of the Board of Directors: Lynn Armstrong, CAE; Marilyn Ellis; Karen Fogle, CMP, CTA; Debi Kensell; Craig Nauta, CAE; Trevor Mitchell, CAE; and Alyssa Meek, CMP.

She then introduced and swore in the following Board of Directors:

  • Jonathan Kraatz, President
  • Mollie Pillman, MS-HSM, MBA, CAE, President Elect
  • Shawna Strickland, PhD, CAE, Treasurer
  • Darrin Scheid, CAE, Secretary
  • Kris Williams, CAE, Immediate Past President
  • Valerie Bakies-Lile, CAE
  • Natalie Clark
  • Shasta Foy, CAE
  • Gary Hines, CAE
  • Kimberly Hopkins
  • Beth Roach
  • ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR – Leslie Shannon
  • CVB DIRECTOR – Amanda Wells, CMP

With that, Williams concluded her duties as current President and handed the reins over to new DFWAE President Jonathan Kraatz. The Board of Directors briefly met at the conclusion of lunch to confirm Greg Vaughn, Texas Association of Workforce Boards, to fill a vacancy created with the successful adoption of the bylaws changes.

The luncheon was a huge success and the event was enjoyed by all in attendance. There was an air of excitement in the room for the great things awaiting DFWAE and its members in the 2019-2020 fiscal year.