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A-Day 2017 : Program

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Registration Opens — 8:00 AM
Welcome and Keynote Speaker — 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
  Buckle Up Kids: Behind the Wheel of the Disruptionmobile Shelly Alcorn, CAE
  Shelly Alcorn"The speed of disruption is about to become brutal," John Chambers, CEO of Cisco. If we thought the last decade of technological innovation was moving fast, we are about to shift into warp speed. Associations and their constituencies have to keep their eyes on the ball. New challenges are on the horizon . . . but also new opportunities. As Moore's law continues to shape our lives, associations have a new responsibility to move outside of the "membership" paradigm to help society at large make sense of these advancements. Come with us as we take a look at some of the most exciting drivers of deep change that are about to reshape what we think we know about education, the workplace . . . and ourselves.
Exhibit Hall w/ break — 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Exhibit Hall Mini Session — 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM
  What is Toastmasters? Katie Scott (DFWAE Toastmasters)
Concurrent Sessions — 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Track Title Speaker
Association Operation / Innovation Track "I Want a Divorce" Said the Association Exec to their AMS Mark Jones, CAE (enSYNC Corporation)
  Mark JonesMany associations have been using the same AMS for many years, and when they're ready to part ways, it really does seem like they're going through something as traumatic as a divorce. Then there are some associations that, no matter how hard they try, just can't seem to find an AMS they're truly happy with. Mark Jones, CAE, will share the key elements of a happy and healthy relationship with your AMS, including the ALL important pre-nup. We'll spend a good amount of time talking about how to find the right mate for organization, as well as the importance of the first date, and how to lay the groundwork for a healthy relationship going forward. For those who are looking to end an existing relationship, we'll talk about how to best prepare for "saying goodbye" and how to make sure the next relationship is much more satisfying.
CEO / Executive Track Disruption is the New Normal Trevor Mitchell, CAE (American Mensa)
  Trevor MitchellEveryday we face a constant changing and disruptive environment both personally and professionally. As disruption has become more common place, it's a challenge to keep moving forward. This session will explore those disruptive elements and share how to make them work for you. You may even figure out how to become a positive disruptive force for your organization.
Meeting / Conferencees Track Member-Centric Conference Experiences: 6 Insights from Disney's Approach Aaron Wolowiec (Event Garde LLC)
  Aaron WolowiecHave you ever wondered what attracts nearly 17 million guests a year to "The Happiest Place on Earth"? Surprisingly, it's not magic. As our members, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees struggle to allocate limited resources, including time and money, they're making tough decisions about whether or not to participate in our events. Regardless of attendance, revenue and other key performance indicators, there's always room for improvement. This session is designed to help association professionals and industry partners apply Disney's secret sauce of innovation, quality, community, storytelling, optimism and decency to their own conference experiences to foster loyalty, to grow repeat attendance and to generate buzz. We'll share ideas that may be immediately implemented within your own organization to roll out the red carpet, shine a spotlight on your members and leave them wanting more.
Membership / Marketing / Communications Track Changing Your Association's MarCom Mindset Colby Horton (MultiView)
  Colby HortonThe way the world communicates is constantly changing. And if your association hasn't changed the way it communicates and markets to its members and prospects, your message is going to be lost. This session focuses on trends in email and social media marketing — where they are today and where they channels are going in the next year.
Exhibit Hall / Silent Auction / Lunch / Award Presentation — 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Concurrent Sessions — 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Track Title Speaker
Association Operation / Innovation Track Change is Not a Four Letter Word — Leading Transformation Mollie Pillman, CAE (Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
  Mollie PillmanAssociations have often been known to be slow in adopting practices that are prevalent in other industries, but with changing demographics and the advent of new technologies, many societies recognize a need to transform in order to continue to grow in members and influence. This session will introduce methods and examples that will allow association leaders to lead change within their organization, starting with creating the vision, gaining buy-in from staff and members, leveraging tools and technology, and tracking and sharing success. It will include discussion within small groups of some of the greatest challenges facing associations today and how various organizations are dealing with a shifting landscape.
CEO / Executive Track Creating and Maintaining a Practical Strategic Plan Michele Packard-Milam, CAE (Packard Business Strategies, LLC)
  Nothing helps focus the energy and daily decisions of an organization like a clear, well-written strategic plan that can be updated efficiently — and which serves as a platform for reporting progress back to the Board. In this session, you'll discover the following:
  • A clear, five-step process for creating a Strategic Plan
  • A formatted template that will allow you to maintain your current plan more easily
  • Criteria for selecting a facilitator who can understand your culture, serve your needs and get you the best possible outcome — a great strategic plan!
Meeting / Conferencees Track 10 Trends That Are Shaping Association Practice Sherry Milligan, CAE, & Mark Jones, CAE (enSYNC Corporation)
  Sherry Milligan and Mark JonesMany associations we visit know it's time to change up the way they do business, but understanding the concepts of today's business landscape and lingo is confusing. Here are trends you need to be aware of, and learn more about, so that you're prepared to change up the way you've always done things. Perpetual Memberships — allowing members to remain members for life. Marketing Automation — building systems to coordinate and automate your email marketing. Inbound Marketing — using content as a driver of business. Online Communities — fostering networking through online communities. Convention Management — using technology in conference management. Social Media Management — using tech tools to facilitate your postings. Website Presence — building and maintaining an engaging presence. API Connectivity — connecting systems through API rather than building new systems. Budgeting for Tech — ensuring you're budgeting for success. Data analytics — using metrics and dashboards.
Membership / Marketing / Communications Track Engaging Millennials: Why They Join and How to Keep Them Kelly Clark & Tara Ericson (Naylor Association Solutions)
  Kelly Clark and Tara EricsonConventional wisdom says millennials aren't joiners. But with an average of 10,000 Boomers retiring from their careers daily, associations are looking to Millennials to fill their membership and leadership shoes. Bring your generational perspective to this interactive circle about the life stages and priorities (which spans from making it through high school to kids and mortgages!) Millennials currently embody. Together, our panel and audience will share first-hand insight into the career and civic mindsets of Millennials while considering strategic ways to present association membership and leadership as an essential career component. We'll percolate concrete tactics to show off the benefits of membership and deeper involvement in your association to Millennials of all ages in ways that result in membership growth, cultivation of future leaders, and constructive engagement.
Exhibit Hall / Silent Auction — 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Exhibit Hall Mini Session — 2:15 PM - 2:45 PM
Membership / Marketing / Communications Track
  Get Involved! Volunteers Opportunities in DFWAE TBA
Concurrent Sessions — 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Track Title Speaker
Association Operation / Innovation Track Ultimate Disruption: Mergers and Restructuring Jonathan Kraatz (US Green Building Council Texas Chapter)
  Jonathan KraatzThis will be a brief case study of the merger of four similar organizations into a single entity. Each had previously served a designated geography as Chapter affiliated with the same parent organization.
CEO / Executive Track Women in Leadership: An Interactive Panel Panel Moderator: Mollie Pillman, CAE (Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
  Mollie PillmanWomen in leadership positions face a variety of unique challenges throughout their careers, including balancing their professional and educational goals with those of their home or family life. This session will showcase a panel of distinguished women in executive positions who will candidly discuss the choices they made that led to success, specific obstacles they have faced in their careers, and how they in turn are creating cultures in their own organizations that support the development of future female leaders.


  • Janet Davidson (Vice President of Operations, enSYNC Corporation)
  • Hattie Hill (CEO, Women's Foodservice Forum)
  • Jodi Ann Ray (CEO/Executive Director, Texas Society of CPAs)
  • Shawna Strickland (Associate Executive Director, American Association for Respiratory Care)
  • Mollie Pillman (Chief Membership Officer, Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography) (Moderator)
Meeting / Conferencees Track Extreme Webinar Makeover: Association Edition Olivia Klamert (Seminar Web)
  Olivia KlamertAre your webinars in need of a renovation? Learn how to enhance your overall online education strategy by reconstructing the various elements of a comprehensive approach to online CE. You'll learn a variety of best practices to improve your virtual trainings plus hear success stories about other associations who have built their online education into a significant source of non-dues revenue.
Membership / Marketing / Communications Track 5 Tips for Maximizing Non-Dues Revenue from Your Communications Vehicles John Bacon (Naylor Association Solutions)
  John BaconThere are two universal truths about non-dues revenue: associations love it, and they can always use more. This presentation we will cover essential non-dues revenue truths associations should know to maximize their non-dues revenue earning potential, because it is no secret that non-dues revenue helps in so many ways. From financing lobbying efforts and certification programs to keeping membership dues affordable and giving back to members, non-dues revenue can make a world of difference. We will introduce five tips on how to grow your industry relevance through non-dues revenue, while also sharing tips on how to best deliver what advertisers want. There is no reason your association and members shouldn't have it all, and this presentation will help to take your non-dues revenue efforts to the next level.
Closing Reception & Prize Winners will be announcements — 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  "Silent Auction Results
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Drinks, Hors d'oeuvres, Music"


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